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TodoReloj offers a triple guarantee on all items

// Authenticity

TodoReloj gives a written guarantee that every item we sell is authentic and original. In jewelry items the buyer may request a gemological certificate of the piece.

// Origin

The purchase by TodoReloj of each of our articles is supported by a document that guarantees a legitimate origin, in the same way at the time of sale, TodoReloj delivers an invoice that ensures ownership of the item to the new owner.

// Operation

TodoReloj guarantees that all items are delivered in satisfactory conditions to be used according to its purpose. TodoReloj gives a warranty period as established by law.

\\ Warranty.

The warranty that we offer on our products is a two years and according to the terms expressed on the Royal Decree 1/2007. However once the warranty is over, you can count on our services in case of any contingency.

Note: We would like to take this information section to clarify some confusion that some users have with respect to what is commonly called the documentation and / or papers watch.

These are terms commonly used by buyers and sellers in the market of used watches, and refers to the manufacturer's warranty card. It must be said that the existence of this card is not essential when purchasing a pre-owned watch, since used watches are not an article which by law are required to be accompanied by documentation.

We recommend that for your safety, always ask for a document of purchase / sale, in which the article is clearly identified, and which also leave no doubt that this is an original article and that the seller is responsible for this.

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