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Are you a business?
Todoreloj is the commercial name for a Limited Company under the legal name of Nicolás Rodriguez Castaño Tax number: B82922196 and located in Madrid, Avda. General Perón 40.
Do you have a physical store?
We have a store you can visit to check all the products we currently have on sale.
What’s your location?
Our retail store is located in Madrid, at Moda Shopping Mall, store 444, Avda. General Perón 40.


How does it work?
Purchase procedure is established in three steps:

Item confirmation.
If you are interested in any of our items you should contact us in order to confirm stock / availability. It might occur that the same item is requested for purchase both online and offline.

Once the availability / stock has been confirmed, as well as any other question or request from the customer’s side has been resolved, payment is due. Todoreloj will issue a pro-form invoice including all information related to the item and the form of payment chosen by the customer.

Once payment has been done, we proceed with shipment. All shipments are included in the total price. Delivery within Spanish territories is 24h.

Do you have a return policy?
All items purchased can be returned within a period of 14 days maximum. In case of return, it is advisable to communicate as soon as possible.
Is it possible to handle another item as part of the deal to purchase a watch?
Todoreloj offers that possibility to facilitate you the acquisition of the item you wish to purchase. However, the quotation of the item to be exchanged as part of the payment will be subject to current professional rates.


Can you guarantee authenticity and originality?
Any product you might find in our store or website are authentic. For any purchase, we provide invoices that warrantee the authenticity of the item.
Which is the origin of each item?
The origin of all items we sell is either is either from private owners or other businesses.
Is there any control and regulation to secure the origin of the items?
Spanish law enforces businesses to have all documentation related to any item being purchased or sold in terms of origin as well as other aspects. A police control report is always required in the case of previously used goods.
What kind of warrantee you offer?
We provide warrantee in terms of technical characteristics good condition as well as time frame warrantee according to what the law establishes for used goods.
Do you provide documentation for the items sold?
All items sold come with an invoice where all information is specified: seller’s information, buyer’s information, item information (reference and number).
In the event of previous owner delivering the original purchase documentation, this will be also provided together with our invoice.
Is it safe to buy without the manufacturer’s certificate?
Manufacturer’s warrantee has two main purposes: first, to cover all anomalies related to the good functioning of the item (commercial warrantee) second, identify the watch with its own reference and id sole number. When talking about used goods, after certain time has passed, it might happen either that commercial warrantee is no longer valid or that previous owner didn’t keep it, as this is not a mandatory document for selling your watch. Our recommendation is to buy always against invoice and request that all information related to the item should be described: specifications, authenticity and warrantee time frame.
Which is the watches condition?
All used items sold are in good condition for their function and well preserved. The level of condition and preservation is stated within a scale as follows: (1-Semi new), (2-Excellent), (3-Very good condition), (4-Good condition).


What kind of watches you buy?
We mainly buy wrist watches and swiss manufacturers. We are interested in brand new watches, second-hand watches, antique, vintage, actual watches.
What should I do to sell a watch?
The best way is to come to our store and show us the item. If that is not possible, you should get in touch with us via email, whatsapp 640740706 or phone 915569419.
Do you valuate ítems?
The valuations we make are free charged. If you wish to have an accurate valuation you should bring the item to our facilities. Online valuations are indicative but not 100% precise as it is subject to images and not the real object.
What is the criteria to validate a watch?
There are many specifications to validate the quality of a watch. However, it basically has to do with its value for second-hand sale. This is normally determined by demand and condition.
Can I sell you my watch without meeting you at the store?
If by any chance you are unable to come up to our store to validate and sell your watch, we offer the alternative of selling your item off-store. If you wish to know the procedure for this option, please get in touch with us and we will fill you in with all details.
What’s the best option when offering my watch: direct sell or deposit?
If by any chance you are unable to come up to our store to validate and sell your watch, we offer the alternative of selling your item off-store. If you wish to know the procedure for this option, please get in touch with us and we will fill you in with all details.
Do you need additional help?

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us through the contact section if you have any further requests.

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