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Glossary of terms

Know the terms and their meaning

Next, we will give a brief explanation of some terms used and that will help a better understanding of the text.

For information of the buyer, the last P.V.P. known in those watches less than 10 years old. This information appears at the end of the description of the watch, we hope it will help you.


Annual calendar

It is the one that automatically takes into account the months with less than 31 days, but not the leap years.



It is a ring that surrounds the strap and holds the glass, it can also be used for calculation and measurement functions.

Box watch

Structure that protects the watch movement against dust, humidity and shock.


Calendar perpetual

It is called perpetual because it automatically adjusts the 30-day months, as well as the month of February.


Botón que se utiliza para ajustar la hora , fecha y dar cuerda a los relojes mecánicos. El primer ejemplo de corona data 1820 y es obra de John Arnold.

Cotes de Geneve

It is a decoration made with wavy lines and used to embellish and enhance movements.


Mechanism that allows starting, stopping and resetting one or more counters in order to measure a time interval.


It refers to those movements whose progress has been controlled under exact parameters for several days and in different positions and temperatures. These certificates are delivered by an entity called COSC according to the requirements of the ISO 3159 standard.



They are those items owned by customers, who have been offered the possibility of managing their sale through our website.



It refers to the historical date to which an object belongs, so we can classify it as contemporary, vintage, or antique depending on its age.


Hermetic Ring

Ring for sealing.



It is a function that allows you to press the pusher just once, reset the chronograph hand, and immediately start up again.


It refers to the cover located on the opposite side to the sphere.


It is that chronograph that has a hand that rotates every second, stopping four, five, or even eight times to indicate the quarters, fifths, or eighths of a second.


It is the number of oscillations per second, measured in hertz. The higher the rocker frequency, the more accurate the clock will be.


Mechanism Automatic

It is the one that through the movements of the arm is capable of charging the winding of the clock.

Mechanism quartz

It is the one in which a quartz mineral is used as a regulating organ, which has the property of vibrating at a very high frequency when subjected to an electric current. This property has been used in electronic watches since the 1970s.

Mechanism winding

Mechanism used to arm the spring or raise the weight of the instruments dedicated to the measurement of time.

Movement Hybrid

It is the one that gets its energy from a battery, but has transmission elements typical of mechanical watches.


Price Catalog

We use it on this website to indicate the last known official price.

Price TodoReloj

It is the price at which we have put an item on the web for sale.


Reserve Power

It is that indication that allows you to see the autonomy that the real spring of the watch has left and therefore the time until it stops.


Synthetic rubies are used as bearings for the different moving elements, since they reduce friction to a minimum. As a general rule, a watch should have at least 15 rubies.


It is that chronograph with a scale that is used to measure the distance between an event and an observer based on the speed of sound.



Plate on which the hours, minutes, and seconds are marked, as well as other possible functionalities of a watch.


It refers to a design, which allows the object to be identified within the same aesthetic and representative current, sometimes from an era or identifying it with a functionality.


Colorless synthetic sapphires with hardness 9 are used in watchmaking to make watch crystals.



It is that chronograph with a scale that allows calculating the speed in km/h.


System used to compensate for deviations in the movement of a clock as a result of the Earth’s gravity



System that allows the watch to be attached to the wrist, also called a bracelet.

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