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Tips for use and care

Find out how to take care of your watch

How to adjust the time and date?

  • Wind the clock if it is stopped.

  • Place the crown in the hour change position and adjust the hour and minute hands so that they are located between 3 and 9 o’clock.

  • Place the crown in the date adjustment position and turn it until the calendar is positioned on the day immediately before the desired date.

  • Place the crown in the hour adjustment position and turn it as many times as necessary until obtaining the exact date desired (if step 3 has been completed, it will suffice to pass the hour hand 1 or 2 times through the position of the hours). 12 hours), then set the correct time.

  • Return the crown to its normal position.

  • The mechanism that drives the automatic date change in mechanical watches is complicated and usually takes about 4 hours to complete. Setting the date manually while the automatic date change mechanism is running can cause damage to the watch mechanism, which is why it is recommended to set the hands of the watch between 3 and 9 o’clock.

Watertightness of my watch

When the time or calendar is not being adjusted, the crown should be in its normal position (attached to the watch case). In watches that have a screw-down crown, when the functions of the watch are not being readjusted, it must always be screwed down. The same should be done with the chronograph pushers if these are also screw-in and the chronograph is not being used.

NEVER operate the chronograph pushers underwater. It is recommended to rinse the watch in fresh water after being used in the sea. In submersible watches it is advisable to carry out periodic checks to ensure watertightness.

Sudden changes in temperature such as those that occur in a shower should be avoided, as they can cause condensation inside the watch.


Magnetic fields from electronic devices can affect watch performance, especially mechanical watches.

Automatic Mechanisms

In the case of self-winding watches, once the time and date have been set, the watch must be wound by turning the crown about 15 turns before placing it on the wrist. Thus, the movement receives the necessary energy to move forward and continue charging until it reaches its maximum charge.

wind up mechanisms

It is convenient to wind the watch once a day, and always gently and until the spring of the barrel is tense and the crown locks. At this point, the crown should not be forced as it could cause damage to the mechanism.

Chemical products

Some everyday products such as solvents, detergents, and cosmetics can damage seals and bracelets, it is therefore advisable to avoid them.


It is recommended not to use the watch in sports activities in order to avoid vibrations and shocks that could cause damage to the movement.

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